The main purpose of this blog is to inform and encourage Bible believers and hopefully help lead others to faith in Jesus Christ . God’s book is a great gift to the church and should be studied and accepted as His message to us from outside of time and space. It is truly inerrant in its original form.


I chose a pen name only because I thought it necessary. Hopefully, it will avoid persons whose name I share or family members from harrassment. Believe me, there are those who would bother them and me because of my beliefs. I know, I’ve experienced it in the past.

So, please accept my explanation and accept my work for whatever real value it may have. If necessary, in due time I may reveal my real name. Some of you know now.


Silas Bard has another blog at     silastouched.wordpress.com    It is based upon his spiritual experiences as they relate to what he believes the Bible teaches. He says they are important for the church. Please take a look.


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